Is Your Company Positioned for Growth?

Growing my businessMany companies are seeing an increase in business.  Prospects who may have delayed or cancelled projects are reconsidering. When they are ready to buy will your company be top of mind?

In times of coming opportunity it is important that you have solid marketing strategies. You can’t leave your future prosperity to chance. If you don’t have an effective marketing plan, Market Accelerators can help.

How Do You Know If You Need Marketing Help?

Many businesses are formed by a person who has a particular skill or idea. They have a passion for helping customers meet their needs better than anyone else.

And for a while that works well, customers are happy and new business comes primarily through referrals.

But over time, the growth slows down or stops and no matter what you try it’s hard to get to the next level. Often the business owner says:

If only I could get in front of more prospects, sales would grow

The reason is often because there is no real systematic approach to marketing.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • Marketing is sporadic and unplanned
  • Marketing is stagnant – you’ve always done it that way
  • Marketing expenditures and effectiveness are not measured
  • Strategies for growth are not clear
  • Prospecting for new customers is not effective
  • Products and services are not clearly differentiated from competitors
  • You are too deep in the trenches to see the big picture

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