Clark County Taxes on Business

Everyone seems to want a piece of the action. I received in the mail a notification from Clark County that all property used in the operation of my business is subject to a property tax! And by the way, they needed the property listing pretty much straight away. I was literally about to leave for the airport for a business trip so I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet their deadline. With images of men with clipboards descending on my house to count my pencils I called the Clark County folks from the airport.
Fortunately the lady I talked to was quite reasonable and said it could wait until I returned home but that yes, the County would like 1.5% of the value of my computer, printer, and anything else I use in the operation of my business.

In my case, this won’t add up to a lot because I don’t use much for the operation of my business (can they tax my brain?) but it seems that our state does all it can to discourage small business. All of the taxes on business in Washington State don’t seem to care if you are a start-up or not, whether profitable or not, as they are based on gross receipts, value of property or fixed fees. And it’s not just the money you have to pay but the time and effort it takes to keep track of all this and fill out the forms.

Its interesting that once you register as a business, there is lots of proactive “help” to pay the taxes but no one is proactively sending me letters or calling with real help. Hmmm. I guess I’m just a whiner.

Here is a link to the Clark County Assessor’s page on this tax.

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