Client Won $60K in New Business!

I got a note from one of the companies I helped back in August to say they had just won a $60,000 piece of new business! I was very excited to hear about it as I had worked with the owner to create the proposal. It always gives me such a thrill when one of my clients does well.

In this particular instance the original proposal was very technical and didn’t effectively address the customer’s needs and concerns. After some discussion with the owner we were able to identify the key customer hot buttons and point out how the software and services of the client addressed those hot buttons. We also worked with the client to restructure the product offering to account for extra modules and a multiple site license.

When you are writing a proposal, keep the marketing basics in mind. What does your customer really care about and how can you effectively meet their needs. Sure the technical specs have a place but guide the customer to see why your product is the obvious choice. Help them draw the conclusion that they’d be nuts to pick another company.

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