The Importance of E-Mail Headlines

Its obvious that a good e-mail headline can make the difference between an e-mail being read or filed in the trash can but many small businesses do not take the time to craft one properly. For any promotional document whether printed or electronic, the headline is probably the most important component.

Think about how much printed mail or e-mail you receive. You scan the title to see if it is something you will even open. How much time do you spend thinking about it? One second? Perhaps two? You can have the best content inside the message but it is totally wasted if it is not even opened!
Your message is competing with dozens of others and being received by someone whose time is not only valuable but in extremely short supply, so spend the time to craft the headline. Write out many different headlines and try them on for size. Test them out on people you know.

And think about what it is that makes you open a an e-mail or an envelope. Is it some cute play on words? No, most often you are thinking about “what is in this for me? How will reading this benefit me in some way”.

Many thanks to Brian Kolstad at RocketBoy Media who pointed out an interesting article about e-mail headlines at EmailLabs. Its worth a read.

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