New Duct Tape Marketing Book

Happy New year! I hope 2007 is both a healthy and prosperous one for you and your company.

The New year has brought in a special treat with the publication of a new book written by John Jantsch.

As most of you know, Market Accelerators is part of The Duct Tape Marketing network of coaches across the country (and the only one in the Pacific Northwest). I use the Duct Tape System with many of my clients and it really is very good.

Well, John is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing and he has just released his book of the same name.

The Duct Tape System is created specifically for small businesses and is immensely practical. You can put it into action on day one and this book is no exception. It is basically the whole system condensed into a $16 and change book. It is an excellent value. If you are interested in buying the book there is a link on my Market Accelerators home page.
For those of you considering the Duct Tape System, this book will give you a good feel for the system with a very low investment.

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