Review of Linksys CIT200

I bought the Linksys CIT200 for use with SKype about a year ago. On the whole it has worked really well. For such a small handset, the call quality is excellent and even the speaker phone sounds great. Range is also very good and I have been able to easily use it throughout my house.

It has a few quirks however. One is that you must plug the base into a USB port that is directly connected to the PC. I tried it though an external powered hub and even my laptop docking station with no luck. In fact it puzzled me for ages until I discovered I had to plug it into the PC itself.

Another quirk is the menu system on the phone itself. It works but is cumbersome. Some of the features that you access regularly are buried in the menu system. For example listening to voice-mail takes six steps. In addition there are multiple places to store contacts/phone numbers and that can be confusing also. The quickest way to call someone is to add them to the phone’s directory and use the down button (like a cell phone) to access them. That works well but it is not obvious how to add numbers to that directory.

The bottom line is that I recommend the phone as long as the quirks don’t bug you too much. Linksys also have some additional phones including the CIT400 which will use Skype without a computer (although you will need a broadband connection). You can also connect it to a normal phone line so it works in two modes.

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