What Does Your Marketing Say About Your Business?

How many business people do you know who say that their ads do not work or that they have been disappointed in how few people visit their website? its often because the person has not built a communications foundation.

Yellow pages ads are famous for being supposedly ineffective. Just look at pretty much any page at random and you will see a page full of ads that say pretty much the same thing. For example, in my local directory for optometric services, nearly all the ads say — “eye exams for adults and children”, “fashion frames”, “contacts”, “insurance billing”, etc. Well, I would hope they provide these services! Its sort of expected. But if I am looking for an optometrist, how does this profound information help me pick the best optometrist for my needs? It doesn’t.

The same thing is true of a website or a brochure or any marketing tool, your messaging should communicate how your product or service meets valued needs better than that of the competition.

Some of my clients have told me that their service is the same as everyone else and so they have nothing different to say. Yet when I talk to their customers, the customer can give me many examples of why they like this service better than alternatives. It might be the rapid return of phone calls or how a problem was handled or perhaps how a job site was tidied up after the work was completed. These are the things that make a difference and separate one company from another.

So before you create your next brochure, ad or website, talk to your customers find out why they buy from you and reflect that in the messages that you communicate. Of course, if your customers don’t have good things to say, then you’d better fix your product or service first!

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