Referral Ideas

Many small business live or die on referrals. For most companies referrals are a pretty random event. A company does good work, satisfies their customers and hopefully referrals will come. But did you know there are lots of ways you can encourage and manage referrals?

An excellent referral program came across my desk just a couple of days ago.

I recently joined the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and they must have a relationship with the Portland Business Journal because I received a call asking me if I would like a free five week trial. “Sure” I said. “Why not?”. Then the PBJ sales person asked me if I would like a quantity of personalized gift certificates — each with a five week free trial — to give to my clients or whomever. The certificates would be nicely printed with my logo!

I would feel quite happy giving these out because I know the Portland Business Journal is a quality publication and five free weeks has good value.

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