New Marketing Tools from Duct Tape Marketing

As most of you know, I am a Duct Tape Marketing Coach. As part of being in the Duct Tape network I have the ability to be able to sell the Duct Tape materials. I know it sounds self-serving to make a big deal out of this but I think the materials are excellent. Over the last few weeks, three new tools have been released and I know from first hand experience they will be very popular. In fact, a number of my clients were part of the tele-seminars and they told me they found them to be very helpful.

Anyway, the three new tools are:

The titles are pretty self explanatory with the exception of the last one and they really are very good.

The Local Online Search Profile allows your site to be listed on the Duct Tape Marketing Business Directory. It is a great tool to help get more traffic to your site. I have a listing myself.

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