Discovering the Secrets of Bulls-Eye Marketing at the Portland Business Alliance

Myself, Jeff Schneider (Sandler Sales) and Bill Dolan (Spirit Media) will be doing a seminar for the small business forum (Cornerstones for Success) of the Portland Business Alliance on August 2nd.

The objective of the seminar will be to show business owners how to grow their revenue by properly targeting the right markets.

Many companies were started by someone who had a particular idea or skill. In the beginning they were hungry for business and would take any customer if it helped to pay the bills. Over time however it becomes obvious that not all customers are of equal value. Lets face it, some of them can almost sink you! Its a good rule of thumb that perhaps 20% of your customers are dragging you down.

This seminar will show you how to identify your ideal customers and how to target them properly.

The truth is that all of your marketing rests upon the foundation of who you are targeting — your ideal customer. If you get this part wrong then you will be wasting a lot of your money on the wrong marketing.

Please join us for the seminar. It will be held on:

Thursday, August 2nd
at the Portland Business Alliance, lobby level conference room
at 200 SW Market Street in Portland.

It starts at 4:15 and will last one hour. Cost is $20 for PBA members and $30 for non-members. Food and networking will immediate follow the presentation. For more information look in the events section of the Portland Business Alliance.

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