The Latest Trends Courtesy of Google

I came across a very interesting tool today. It is called Google Trends and it is in their sand box area (beta programs under development that they make available to the public).

This tool shows you the trends in searches. For example, I put in “green construction” and got some interesting results. Not surprisingly the trend was up in the last few years but also that Ireland was the top country for searches on that topic with the US second. Also, more searches came from Portland than anywhere else in the world! Seattle was next followed by Minneapolis. I guess the NW really is interested in “green” things. A screen shot of the results is below but you can look at it yourself at

Obviously for us folks interested in marketing, this could be a very useful tool although one that should be used with care. For example, if you are looking to go into business in a particular area you might use it to see if public interest was growing in that market. I guess the caution is that public interest can grow but not necessarily in a positive direction!

Results page from Google Trends

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