Great Example of Competitive Difference

One of the foundational elements of small business marketing is to find a way to be different from your competitors in a way that is meaningful to customers. The best way to do this is to really understand their frustrations and pain. In that way you can tailor your products and services to best address their needs.

In today’s Columbian, there was a very interesting article about a company called 3Day Kitchen and Bath. Their concept aims to address one of the main frustrations with a remodel; that it can drag on and on with various strangers clomping through your home and making a mess.

3Day Kitchen and Bath promises to be done in three days and they will put you up in a hotel for the duration. Assuming they do a good job and produce a quality result, it would seem like they will do very well. To offset quality concerns over a rushed job they will need to show proof of their process and lots of testimonials but I have to believe they have the potential to carve out a significant niche.

So why don’t more companies do things like this? Perhaps because it is perceived as being risky. To do this you have to step out in front of the pack. Ironically it is probably less risky in the long run.

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