Are you thinking big enough?

I spent the day at Microsoft’s Vision to Venture Women Entrepreneur’s conference yesterday. Yes, I know I’m a man but who really could turn down spending a day with 400 intelligent and talented business women?

Actually I was there as a Duct Tape Marketing Coach in support of John Jantsch who was one of the speakers. We had a small table in the exhibitor section so I was able to talk with a lot of the attendees. It was a great event and it was wonderful to see so many people excited about business. Probably one third or more of the attendees were in the process of starting their business.

I learned a bunch of things but the one that really stuck with me is something that Susan Wilson Solovic from said. She pointed out that many people don’t think big enough. She was particularly talking to women but I could identify with her statement myself. I suspect many men have the same problem. She encouraged us to set audacious goals.

I have decided to put a plan together to grow my business to $1 million in revenue.

I ‘d love to know if you have an audacious goal and what it is. Would you post a comment about it?

Oh yes, the other fun thing that happened was that many people did a double take when they saw me. I sometimes look a bit like Bill Gates (or should I say that he looks like me). Since we were on the Microsoft campus it was particularly funny.

One person asked to take her picture with me and another asked if I was available for hire to go to events and parties. Hmm, could be a business opportunity. Might help me reach my $1 million!

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