What Can We Learn from Women Entrepreneurs

My friend and fellow coach, Matthew Scott (Life’s Work Group Blog) has started an interesting conversation about what men should learn from women entrepreneurs.

The question arose from reflecting on our participation in the Microsoft Office Live Small Business conference for women entrepreneurs called Vision to Venture. There were over 450 women in attendance at the conference held at the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington.

For me, one of the big take aways is that women seem to be better at collaboration. They appear more open to discussing and learning from one another. There is always a danger of falling into stereotypes but I witnessed at the conference a hunger to make connections. The women attendees were obviously very interested in each other’s businesses and what worked and what didn’t.

I made a number of other observations but to be honest, I’m not sure what to make of them from a learning point of view. Here are some of them:

  • The motivations for women for starting a business are often different from men.
  • Susan Wilson Solovic stated that women tend to have a stronger sense of their entitlement to start a business than men
  • Few women run businesses are over $1 million in revenue. Susan claims this is because women don’t shoot high enough. I know a few guys who have that same issue including this author!

I would love to know what you have experienced in this area and what you believe men can learn from women and indeed what women can learn from men in the area of business.

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