Useful Website Tools

If you are familiar with website technology you will know that a web page can look different on different browsers. It is nonetheless important to make sure that your beautifully designed page looks good on all the major systems. I recently had a problem when some people told me that part of my text went outside the main content area. On my browser it looked fine.

Browsershots to the rescue. This free service will show you what any web page looks like on dozens of browsers. Its an amazing service. Take a look.

Another useful service I found is This service scans your website and creates an XML site map which can be submitted to Google.

You have to save the sitemap to your own computer and then upload it to the root directory of your website. Then you register with Google and submit the sitemap. This makes sure that Google indexes the right pages plus it gives you all kinds of information about how the GoogleBot indexes your site.

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