What is Green Marketing? Part Deux

My previous post was about defining Green Marketing and this continues the thinking.

The term “Green Marketing” is used in a very imprecise way. It is thrown around to mean very different things. As look at how companies are using the phrase I have concluded that it comes in three flavors. They are:

  1. The marketing of environmentally sound/sustainable products and services
  2. Marketing the fact that your company is green (i.e. you recycle, pedal to work, eat every day at Burgerville(1) , etc.)
  3. Using “green” practices in the process of marketing (e.g. which forms of advertising have a lower environmental footprint(2)).

Of course the big question is “so what?” None of this really matters unless your prospects and customers care about it. What areas of green are important to your customers? Do they care at all?


(1) Burgerville is a NW chain of fast food hamburger restaurants that use only local ingredients, higher quality ingredients and 99% recycle their waste. As a result they charge more than their fast food competitors. They are doing very well and are a great case study that people will pay more for quality. Their positioning is strongly local (which is also better for the environment — less transportation) which seems to play well in this area.

(2) I read recently that someone has actually calculated the environmental impact of various marketing tools so this information should be available somewhere

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