Trying out Twitter

OK, I am going to do it. I’ve been resistant and I’m still not totally sure I want to do this but I have now joined the millions who are tweeting. Yes, I signed up for twitter. I know a number of business people who are using it and so it is time for me to join their ranks.

As you know I am not one to do things that waste my time so we’ll see if tweeting on twitter is of business use or not. Watch this space!

I’ve put a box on the right that shows my most recent “tweets”.

Are you using Twitter? Is it helpful to you?

If you want to “follow” my twitter posts you can find my profile at


Trying out Twitter — 1 Comment

  1. I used twitter for a couple of months and I didn’t find it very useful. It drove more traffic to my blog but really didn’t do anything else for me. I didn’t engage in any real conversation or anything else similar. I found the 140 character limitations fairly useful for anything beyond advertisements for my blog posts. Some individuals find it very useful for personal use and tie it with their mobile phone. Very few of the people I interact on a regular basis use twitter so it wasn’t too helpful personally for me.

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