Post Election Vibes Good For Business?

The election is over and wow, what an interesting evening it was. I get the sense that in a few hours the mood of the country changed. My friend Phil Bernstein said it so very well on his blog this morning:

Last night on CNN, I watched John McCain deliver a gracious and respectful concession speech. I saw Barack Obama deliver an address that hit all the right notes, to 200,000 happy people in Chicago. I saw crowds dancing in the streets of Harlem… Times Square… and outside the White House. I heard fireworks going off outside my house. I talked to a lifelong Republican who told me that the guy who won deserved to win.

And for the first time in a long time, I felt optimism, and sensed it in other people.

Whatever your political views, Phil makes the point that this new optimism will be good for business. For some time now all the news has been bad and consumers have been sitting on their wallets. Will we now start to see an uptick in customer spending?

If you have been holding off on your marketing perhaps now it is time to reconsider? Are you positioned to take advantage of market growth when it comes?

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