Start your 2009 Success with our Kick-Start Marketing “Book Club”!

Get a Start on 2009 Success
Get a Start on Your Marketing Plan

It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown by and if you are like many small business owners you still don’t have a marketing plan.

But without a plan how can you expect to meet your goals?

In difficult economic times like this it is more important than ever that you have a solid marketing plan. You can’t leave your future prosperity to chance.

If you are in the Portland-Vancouver area, get a kick start on 2009 by joining us for this special three session “book club”. It costs only $139.

You will receive a copy of the Duct Tape Marketing book and a helpful workbook. By the end of the three sessions you will have a good understanding of how to construct your own marketing plan for 2009. Click for more details.

The first session begins December 5th. Spaces are limited.

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