Reflections on the Great Twitter Challenge

My fellow blogger Phil Bernstein has posted about the results of the Great Twitter Challenge. As many of you know I was one of the sponsors. His conclusion was tha t Twitter is not yet primetime for driving traffic to websites. I myself did not see many hits to my target page but I suspect this is because Phil’s Twitter list is not large enough. Like any advertising or direct mail media, the size and composition of the audience/list/followers is a critical component. Phil’s list is about 160 followers so the odds of someone 1) seeing it and 2) having an interest is pretty small. I am guessing you would need a follower list in the thousands in order to make it work. If you had a follower list that had the same interest (e.g. all dentists) a smaller list might work.

So for me, it was a good experiment and I am still optimistic that Twitter could be a good tool for business development but the list has to be large enough.


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