Can You Handle the Growth?

This story is perhaps a lesson to us all.

Last year I was hired by a company that wanted to take their business to the next level. They were much more committed than the average company and even developed a new service to better meet the needs of their customers. They diligently went through the marketing planning process and made great progress. They implemented their marketing plan and had great success. Leads came in and they signed up a good number of customers for the new service. They had a great attitude and everything seemed to be going well.

After a few months it all unraveled. Many of their new customers became dissatisfied and dropped the service.

What happened is that for some reason the new service did not deliver as promised. Whether it was a process problem, a people problem or something else I do not know but as they added new customers they were not able to handle the work.

As a marketing expert my goal is to help you grow your business. I always ask my clients “can you handle the growth?” but sometimes I wonder if the question is taken as seriously as it should be. For an existing product or service there is perhaps less risk but for a new product or service there is more of an unknown element.

Before launching a product with your marketintg engine fully turned on, test the product or service first. You can be sure there will be hiccups. For many years I was responsible for future product marketing for different printers at Hewlett Packard. We always tested new products with a small number of willing guinea-pigs before launch. It always uncovered problems that needed to be fixed. It would have been hugely expensive to fix those problems if we had already launched and we would have ended up with loads of unhappy customers.

The bottom line is that your business is only as good as the weakest link. Yes, I can help you grow your business but make sure you can handle the growth.

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