Hulu Works Amazingly Well on Hi-Def TV

My eldest son bought PlayOn the other day. He thought it would be fun to stream Hulu videos to the TV. I thought, “sure how good can that be?”. Wow, it is amazing. The quality is very good and we are now watching all kinds of shows that either we missed or have been off the air for years such as FireFly (the movie Serenity was based on FireFly if you like Sci Fi).

The hardware setup for Play-On requires an X-Box 360 and a reasonably spec’d PC. Our equipment is actually pretty modest. My son’s PC is a couple of years old and we just have a “G” wireless connection to the X-Box. Nonetheless it works like a charm.

The implications for this are huge. The day of truly personalized TV channels is not far off. Video will become like any other content. It may have some interesting consequences for small businesses. It will mean video distribution will become inexpensive with easy access to the living room TV although production quality will remain an issue I suspect.

How will you use services like this?

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