New Angel Fund Search Engine

I was reading today and they mentioned an interesting new search engine for finding venture capital firms. Since I know a number of people who are in start ups I though it would be interesting to re-post it:

And finally: Finding a little bit of extra money for your dream project has just become a bit easier. Angelsoft, an organization that prides itself on bringing venture capitalists and the folks who could really, really use their money closer together, has officially entered the search engine business. The new engine is “pre loaded” with over a thousand active venture capitalist firms and organizations, complete with funding preferences and contact information. You can also narrow down the results by category, average response time, and more. Simple to navigate and use, the new Angelsoft search engine takes the pain out of finding interested investors.


New Angel Fund Search Engine — 2 Comments

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today – great content – I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to reading it regularly.

    The Angel Investor search tool looks great – I’m looking forward to sharing this resource with entrepreneurs.

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