A Google Profile in Your Future?

Google now has made available a new service called Google Profiles. As the name would suggest you can add a personal profile which becomes indexed by Google. Since so many people use the web to find people it is probably a good idea to create your own Google Profile and grow the internet real estate connected with your name. Of course with a name like mine (which I like to say is popular, rather than common) there are rather a lot of results for a Michael Thompson search. Some of the results include some unsavory characters it seems.

Regardless, I just added the Michael Thompson Google Profile and I see my entry is already showing up at the bottom of the search results under a new section called profiles. I’m not sure what they will do when there are hundreds of people with the same name profiled but for now I am one of the first and I am on the front page albeit on the bottom.

In the Google Profile you can add links which I have done for my website, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn and Podcast. You can also add pictures and of course plenty of space to talk about you.You can also set it up so that people can contact you directly although your email address is kept hidden.

So what are you waiting for, take 5 minutes and grab your profile!

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