Twitter as a Brand Building Tool

I came across a very interesting blog entry from Guy Kawasaki about:

  • how he uses Twitter
  • his favorite Twitter tools
  • techniques and
  • the use of ghost writters – yes ghost writters.

What was most interesting however, was his approach is to using Twitter as a live broadcast medium. He uses a team of 4 ghost writers as researchers to find interesting content and to tweet that content. He also re-tweets the same content over the course of a day.

He looks at Twitter like a TV news outlet. TV stations re-broadcast the same news more than once in a day because few people are watching all the time. The same is true with Twiter. The feed is extremely perishable. It is easy to miss a tweet so he posts it more than once.

He also comments that he sees himself more like PBS — he is providing a public service and he also has sponsors to help pay for the overhead — including the team of writers.

I think this is a very interesting perspective. Guy’s Twitter content is not so much a personal relationship with Guy (although he claims to answer direct tweets) but about building the Guy Kawasaki brand.

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