Does Your Face Help or Hurt Trust in Your Business?

I was listening to Science Friday on National Public Radio today and they had an interesting segment on trust. The whole thing was inspired by the death of Walter Cronkite and that he apparently was a figure that inspired a high degree of trust. The host and guests were discussing why some people are more trusted than others.

If you read this blog much or are a fan of Duct Tape Marketing you will know that we define marketing as “getting someone with a need to know, like and trust you”. So this issue of trust is an important one. One of our principles is that your marketing activities should build trust.

It turns out that one important element of initial trust is your face. Over time of course your actions become more important but in the short run what do we do about the face (yours in particular)? I usually encourage clients to put a picture of themselves on their website or in the e-newsletter. I plaster mine all over the place and I usually get a good response from doing so. The Science Friday program however indicates that some of you reading this blog should not put your photo on their business website!

But how are we to know who should and who shouldn’t and who wants to be the person to tell the client….”er, actually you look more like an axe murderer than a financial planner”?

What would you do? Does your face inspire trust?


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