A Marketing Transformation is Underway

It seems we are hearing more and more about social media. Everyone and their uncle are getting involved — literally.

According to an article by Strategy Labs, Facebook users of age 35 to 54 grew 276.4% from June 08 to January 09. The numbers come from Facebook’s own statistics. The growth for this demographic is roughly doubling ever 2 months! Wow.

I know more and more of my friends and relatives are now on Facebook. It is very convenient to share photos, ideas, politics, etc. And the more of your connections that are on Facebook, the more attractive it becomes.

I suspect it is the same story with other social media like Twitter. More and more people are telling me that they Tweet.

All of this has marketers drooling. But not so fast. Another research survey I read recently showed that very few people currently use social media for buying or researching what to buy.

So what is a company to do? A lot of marketers will tell you to create your own Facebook page for your business or use Twitter for some commercial purposes.

Unfortunately like most things, it is not an instant panacea. Remember when websites first became popular? Companies were told they had to have a website and would be rolling in business. The reality of course was a little different. The mere presence of a website does not cause business to hot foot it to your door.

Traffic, whether website or social media comes only when your audience is interested in what you are doing or offering. Website traffic is drawn by good content. People tell others only when there is something worth the telling.

Lots of companies will start Facebook pages for their businesses but will get little traffic. The business Facebook page will become just another website — except hosted on Facebook.

The bottom line is that I don’t believe the new social media changes the fundamental reasons why certain business are popular but they do change the ways you have to reach your audience.

Perhaps that is more how we should think of it. You don’t have prospects but an audience. And your audience is looking to be educated and entertained.

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