Does Bally’s Customer Service Help or Hurt?

For quite a few years now we have had a membership at Bally Total Fitness Health Clubs here in Vancouver WA. I guess the club has not been thriving and just recently they decided to close down. It was a bit disappointing for us as the club is just around the corner and they have a lovely outdoor pool.

The nearest other Bally location is in Portland around 8 miles away so we decided that was too far to go. My wife called the club to cancel our membership and gosh did they make it difficult for us to do so. She was on the phone for ages and to top it of they required a letter sent to them by registered mail. I don’t know about you but this was a bit of a pain as we had to get the letter, go to the post office and pay $5.

As a marketing person I ask myself, “what are they thinking?”. It feels like they are making iit difficult for a customer to cancel and want to hold onto that revenue stream as long as possible but in the long run it hurts them considerably. I for one will never take out another Bally’s membership again and here I am blogging about it telling you.

I don’t know if that is a deliberate strategic policy to tick off their customers but somewhere along the line their customer service has taken a detour. Perhaps they reward their people based on retention numbers instead of satisfaction. Whatever the reason it is damaging to their business.

I read today that another company is taking over the facility so I hope they are better. I need to whip this body into the art form it deserves to be!

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