Editing a Creative Vado HD File

This is not really a marketing topic but I know some of you are using some of the new mini-HD camcorders like the Flip and the Creative Vado in your business so I thought I would share my experiences. I have a Creative Vado HD minicam and the quality is really quite good. Unfortunately most videos need a little editing but few video editing programs seem to like the highly compressed h.264 codec. That is a problem since the editing programs that come with the these minicams are pretty basic to say the least.

I had great expectations when I bought an upgrade to my copy of Pinnacle Studio recently. Supposedly it was compatible with the h.264 codec but when I loaded in my Vado footage, there was something wrong. The preview showed a mass of green lines and the image was doubled and overlaid. Disappointing.

I wondered what it would be like if I rendered it and saved to another file type and to my surprise it did it fine. The output file had no problems that I could see. Even more surprising was the the file in the project now played correctly also! All I can assume is that the preview viewer of Pinnacle Studio has problems with the Vado HD file but when rendered all seems well. I shall keep exploring.

UPDATE: Pinnacle Studio 14 has a background rendering function. I have discovered if I add my Vado HD footage to the time line and leave it for a while it will eventually play properly without the artifacts.


Editing a Creative Vado HD File — 3 Comments

  1. Hello I have a VADO HD too and I want to know if there is a way to add time and date to the recorded video like as with the other cameras. What point is to have date/time on the screen and not be able to add them to the video ? Regards from Romania

  2. No, I have not found anything new. With Pinnacle Studio 14 it definitely seems to be a “pre-rendering” and post rendering thing. If I leave the file to render in the background it then plays fine. Bu pre-render has all kinds of weird artifacts.

    The final video comes out ok though. Check out my video at the main page of this blog with Lesa Snider. Its is not HD (I’m using Vimeo) but looks fine.

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