Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Program Starts this Thursday! (webinar series)

As many of you know, I have been running a group marketing coaching program called the Catalyst over the summer. It went really well and I have decided to run it again this fall (or autumn if you speak English as I do!). It is designed to help business owners put in to action tried and tested marketing strategies and techniques to grow their business.

I don’t need more head knowledge……..

A couple of people commented to me that they are not in need of more information on how to run their business. They told me they had plenty of information but were lacking instead in the time to put that information into action.

I sympathize. Running a business takes up hours of time and energy. Unfortunately finding time to do marketing is a requirement for a successful business; just like investing in good employees or a new piece of machinery. Marketing when done well can take your business to the next level.

Its about marketing action!

Our program is not about head knowledge. It is about action. Sure you can attend my workshop, take notes and just listen but at the end of the day your business will be no better. One of the benefits of a group coaching program is that it gives you a framework and an incentive to get things done.

Helping you be more efficient and more effective

We do our best to keep things efficient. For example we help you create a core messaging strategy which can then be used in every other marketing activity you do. That saves you time and it makes sure that you are communicating to your prospects the same way every time. We also help you design your marketing for each stage in the sales cycle. When someone has barely heard of you they may need different information than from someone who is further down the sales cycle.


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