Word 2007 Trick to Removing a Paragraph Style

It has been driving me crazy how to remove a style that I had applied to a paragraph. Originally I had set it up to be an “emphasis” style but when I pressed “normal” nothing happened for some reason. It remained emphasized! Very annoying. After quite a bit of research I figured out one way to remove it.

First click on the tiny “Style Options Icon” at the lower right hand side of the Style section on the Ribbon. At the bottom of that menu are three other icons. Pick the second one which is the “Style Inspector”. From that, select “Clear All”.

You would think they could have made that a little simpler. And besides, how come just selecting “normal” didn’t work? Sheesh.

If anyone can enlighten me further I would appreciate it.


Word 2007 Trick to Removing a Paragraph Style — 2 Comments

  1. You can remove all character styles from a selection by pressing control+spacebar. I haven’t found an equivalent command in the UI yet.

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