Sangria Startup

My friends Maria and Magdy for the last year have been in the process of starting a company to produce a wonderful Spanish wine drink called Sangria. It’s made of premium wines infused with various fruit juices and is quite delicious. They are not quite in production but I have tasted the pre-production bottles and I can tell you its fabulous.

Anyway, I have been helping Maria off and on with her marketing and I’m pleased to say that the first go around of her website is now up and running. She’ll be adding more content (including hopefully a blog) in the near future. You can visit it at While there you can sign-up for her newsletter which, among other things, will tell you when the sangria will be available for sale.

You can also read about the formation of the company on the Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network Blog.  Divina Sangria recently won an OEN investment competition which really validated their business ideas. Anyway, check out their website and when the sangria is available, join me and drink lots of it (responsibly of course!).


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