Customer Service Makes the Difference

I was talking to a travel agent friend of mine recently. I wanted to book a trip to London and he was recommending Air New Zealand. Turns out that Air New Zealand are on a customer service offensive. Their service has been upgraded and they are really courting travel agents. They have a special phone line and make the effort to work with travel agents to resolve any issues, answer questions, etc. He compared this with British Airways who have pretty much abandoned travel agents. As a result most of the travel agents he knew was pointing their customers toward Air New Zealand.

I did take his advice and flew to London on Air New Zealand. I was pretty impressed. The cabin crew in particular were very friendly and helpful. Even while we were all still waiting in the lounge to board, one of the cabin crew was working the crowd introducing himself and welcoming us to the flight. Once in the air, the food was good and the service attentive. Of course no matter how you cut it, it is still 10 hours in an elongated tin can but at least they made the effort to make it pleasant. As a result I would fly Air New Zealand again and I would recommend it to others. As for British Airlines I’m guessing they are losing share on the LA to London route.

What about your customer service? Do your customers have good things to say about how they are treated?

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