How to Move a WordPress Blog or Website

I know this might seem a little “techie” but I though it would be hugely helpful for those of you that use WordPress as a platform for a blog or a website.

In the last few years WordPress has become increasingly popular for many good reasons. It is excellent as a website because it allows the owner of the site to easily update content without a lot of programming.

One of the biggest problems I have seen however is that ideally you want to develop the site in a separate location while you add content and work out the bugs. Unfortunately if you have a website with many page links, images, downloads, etc. it is a very time consuming process to move a WordPress site from one location / domain to another.

I had this problem just recently with a WordPress site that is quite sophisticated (check out . It uses a lot of direct links that were coded to the location where the site was developed. Enter WP Twin to the rescue.

WP Twin is a program that makes a FULL copy of the website, changes ALL the links and enables you to move the site to the new location or domain. Including the time to read the instructions and put it to work took perhaps 15 minutes. The most time consuming part was uploading the backup/cloned site to the new location! Moving a WordPress site  that can often take hours.

Its also a useful tool for creating backups. Sure you can use the various backup plug-ins but you still have to do a bunch of reconstruction should the site be damaged for some reason. With WP Twin you keep the full backup on your local PC and reloaded it if needed. The only downside is that it can be a large file. The last site I did was 70 MB.

Disclaimer — WP Twin does provide an affiliate commission to me if you do buy using the links above. It doesn’t cost you anything more however. Please know too that I am genuinely impressed by this software and would recommend it even if there wasn’t a commission!

Oh, I forgot to mention, their instructions are excellent. They provide a video as well as a written explanation. Their site is a bit salesy and that did put me off slightly but their product is excellent.

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