The Great Twitter Challenge

Blogger and Clear Channel Media Rep, Phil Bernstein is holding the first (as far was we know) Great Twitter Challenge. Here’s how it works:

  • On January 23, Phil will send out one trivia question per hour as a “tweet” on Twitter. The tweet will contain the question, and a link to the sponsor’s website.
  • People following the contest on Twitter will click the link, go to the website, find the answer, and tweet it back to Phil.
  • First correct answer gets the prize.
  • Next hour will bring a new question and a new prize.
  • Prizes must come from Portland/Vancouver-area businesses, and winners must be from the Portland/Vancouver area. The idea is to create local excitement, and bring local traffic to local businesses.

Phil has lined up a 8 sponsors, including yours truly, Market Accelerators. I am offering 2 one hour phone consultations. If the winner is nearby we can do them in person.

Here are the other prizes:

  • A jacket and shirt combination from Shindaiwa — size XL
  • An engine treatment, gas treatment, and transmission treatment from Motorsilk
  • “Create a Map of Your Business”, an e-book self-study course by Business Coach Kaya Singer of Awakening Business Solutions. Also included is one free tele-coaching session
  • A Bebe Spa Travel Pack of baby skin care products from Maternitique
  • A One-Month Individual or Family Membership at Oregon Athletic Clubs
  • A gift basket of skin care products from VanderVeer Center
  • Two one-hour marketing phone consultations with Michael Thompson of Market Accelerators
  • A frost-proof Lotus International stoneware pot from Portland Nursery.

I think this is a great idea to test the power of Twitter as a business tool so check out Phil’s tweet at

Business Networking that also Benefits the Community

If you would like to network with other business owners and benefit the community then you won’t want to miss our business networking event at the Oregon Food Bank on January 27th.

Most business networking takes place in restaurants and bars. While there is nothing wrong with that, we thought it might be a great idea to network and do something useful at the same time. There are a couple of great business benefits:

  1. Its nice to do business with people who also want to be of benefit to the community
  2. Better relationships are formed when working together

Market Accelerators, Organizers NW and Family Wealth Institute are organizing this event. There will be time to meet and work alongside other business owners packing food boxes for an evening. Places are limited so if you are a business owner and this idea floats your boat, let me know asap. You can just fill in the form below or call me on (360) 448-7474.

If you live outside the Portland area, consider using this idea in your city.

Announcing an Affordable New Marketing Program

I am excited to announce that we are launching a new marketing program which will be of great help to those with marketing responsibilities but who could benefit from marketing support.

Business owners, professional service providers or commissioned sales reps will find this invaluable. It could also be great for people in companies who have little marketing training but find themselves working on brochures, websites and other sales materials or activities.

The program is called the Duct Tape Marketing EXCELerator and you can learn more about my implementation of the program at and contact me for more information.

You can also visit the central Duct Tape Marketing site at and/or watch the video below:

Sales and Marketing Rehab Session 2 Scheduled

Our second session of the Sales and Marketing Rehab has been rescheduled for January 6th at 2:00 pm. For session two we will be answering your questions on Marketing.

We are going to use a different tool called CoolConferenceLive so hopefully it will be more reliable than the previous one.

We have already received some great questions but it isn’t too late for more.

To sign-up for the session and get the call-in number, click the box on the left. If you have questions you would like answered fill-in the box below. Note that even if you use the box below, you still need to click on the left to register.

To listen to the previous session visit my marketing podcast site.

A very Merry Christmas to all.

Marketing Does Not Have to Be Expensive

I came across this interesting video today on YouTube. It was completely shot on a cell phone. It is not really a marketing video although it could easily have been used for a non-profit. My point is that the quality of your message will always trump the cost of the technology you use to create it.

If you have a low budget, use what tools you have but take the time to think about what you want to say and how it is relevant to your audience.

OregonChapter of AMA is Looking for Breakout Session Presenters

As some of you know, I am a board member of the Oregon Chapter of the American Marketing Association. We are in the process of planning our annual conference and are looking for presenters for the breakout sessions.

The theme this year is the science of branding or “Brandology”.

To find out more download the following Word Doc:

A Copywriting Lesson

Phil Bernstein has an excellent blog that I enjoy reading. He has an interesting post today that is an unfortunate lesson in copywriting. He shows this recent picture of a recently unemployed gentleman in New York:

The picture was carried as the cover story in Business Week and the sad part is that the text is too small to be read. Thousands of people will see this picture and someone may have been able to offer him a job but his message was lost by trying to squeeze too much on the page. How many of us do the same thing with our company message?

Read more over at Phil’s blog:

Opportunity Missed « Portland’s Finest Advertising Blog.

Technical Difficulties

We are supposed to have part two of the Sales and Marketing Rehab at the moment but it looks like the teleconference provider is down. I can’t get through and neither it seems can anyone else.

Many apologies to those who are trying to dial in. At this point I think all we can do is reschedule.

Again, I am sorry for the frustration of those of you who are trying to dial in.

What is Public Relations?

Casey Boggs from LT Public Relations, talks in his blog about what PR is and what it is not. He has some great examples of misconceptions.

At LT Public Relations, we’re constantly up against what people think public relations is and we’ve realized the perception is usually not good–and the understanding of what PR does is even worse.

It’s frustrating, but it’s the cards we’ve been dealt in a profession that hasn’t clearly been defined. However, today’s blog isn’t about defining public relations–there have been many blog postings from us regarding what public relations is–including this one . . . Publicity or Public Relations.

Today’s blog is about highlighting some of those misperceptions about public relations that truly irk us . . . here are a few . . .

Read his blog for more…

Sales & Marketing Rehab – Session 1 on Sales

doctor cartoonLast week, the Sales and Marketing Doctors were in session and many people were brave enough to put themselves on the examination table.

Join myself and Jeff Schneider of Sandler Training for the first in a series of Sales and Marketing Podcast interviews recorded live and answering questions from the audience. Questions included:

  • I do best when I have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential customers, yet I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get prospects to agree to a meeting. What strategies can I employ to increase my success rate in getting appointments?
  • I find that when I meet with someone, I always give them the courtesy of speaking without interruption. How do I reasonably set up my prospect’s expectations for the first meeting – in advance, so I can maintain SOME control over the meeting?
  • Without a lot of knowledge on the subject I am looking for a CRM software that I can us to track customers and sales information. Do you have any recommendations?
  • How can we make sure everyone reflects and refers our business to others?
  • And many more

If you want to contact myself or Jeff you can do so at our main websites of: