Taking On A Giant in Travel – AMA Luncheon

The Dec 9th (Tuesday), Oregon Chapter of the American Marketing Association luncheon will feature Kent Craford, CEO and co-founder, SeaPort Airlines and Steve Kokes, President & Strategic Director, Coates Kokes. They will talk about launching a new alternative airline in the midst of of economic turbulence for the struggling airline industry

  • 11:30AM-1PM Luncheon
  • Governor Hotel
  • 614 SW 11th Avenue
  • Portland, OR 97205

Free Sales and Marketing Rehab Sessions Beginning Dec 10th

Don’t forget our free sales and marketing rehab sessions are beginning on December 10th. The first session will be on the topic of sales and we will have our resident sales expert, Jeff Schneider on the phone ready to take you calls. There is no charge for these sessions and they should be a lot of fun.

To submit your question and to register, please visit this post

Interview with Author of Portland Happy Hour Guidebook

Its almost time for the holidays so this podcast interview with Cindy Anderson, author of the Portland Happy Hour Guidebook is great timing. I had a fun time talking with Cindy about why and how she wrote the book. She also tells us about the process of book publishing which may be helpful for those of you in the process of writing your own best seller.

So, sit back, grab a cocktail and listen to your own personal guide to the Portland Happy Hour Guidebook.

And don’t forget to visit the Portland Happy Hour Guidebook website at http://www.happyhourguidebook.com. This is the place to go if you would like to take advantage of Cindy’s book specials and to read her blog.

Start your 2009 Success with our Kick-Start Marketing “Book Club”!

Get a Start on 2009 Success
Get a Start on Your Marketing Plan

It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown by and if you are like many small business owners you still don’t have a marketing plan.

But without a plan how can you expect to meet your goals?

In difficult economic times like this it is more important than ever that you have a solid marketing plan. You can’t leave your future prosperity to chance.

If you are in the Portland-Vancouver area, get a kick start on 2009 by joining us for this special three session “book club”. It costs only $139.

You will receive a copy of the Duct Tape Marketing book and a helpful workbook. By the end of the three sessions you will have a good understanding of how to construct your own marketing plan for 2009. Click for more details.

The first session begins December 5th. Spaces are limited.

Sales and Marketing Rehab Live Interviews (FREE)

The sales and marketing doctors will be in session! Are you brave enough to get on our examination table?

In December myself and Jeff Schneider of the Sandler Sales Training institute will host a live podcast by telephone interview series called “Sales and Marketing Rehab”. We will be taking your questions on sales and marketing topics of interest to you. We’d prefer questions in advance so please complete the form below and we’ll make every effort to get to your question. There is no charge to attend.

If this format is successful we will be bringing other sales and marketing experts to answer your questions.

  • Session one: December 10th at 10:00 AM PST on Sales
  • Session two: December 17th at 10:00 AM PST on Marketing


Umpqua Bank CEO is Optimistic

I went to a luncheon put on by Umpqua Bank today. They speaker was Ray Davis the bank’s CEO. He is an excellent speaker and I thought provided a refreshing perspective on the financial crisis. Ray explained how the financial services bailout works; basically the government made the banks an offer they couldn’t refuse!

Ray’s opinion was that the tax payer would actually do quite well with the whole thing. He said that the government loans money to the banks (whether they wanted it or not!) and will get a 5% interest for the first 5 years. After 5 years they get 9% interest. He also said that they get warrants on the stock that have a pretty low strike price. That means that if bank stock prices go up they have the right to buy a certain amount of stock at the low price. Since bank stocks are pretty depressed at the moment, it seems like a good deal.

In terms of helping the economy, now that the banks have all this money and they have to pay 5% for the privilege, they almost have no choice but to lend it out and earn more than the 5% in order to pay for it. This should free up the credit market eventually.

Ray also made a comment on the property market. He said that the Sacramento, CA area had been the ground zero of foreclosures. Apparently a year ago there were more than three times more homes for sale than is the case now. He did acknowledge that prices dropped significantly before those sales occurred but he was encouraged that the home inventory had dropped. He wasn’t about to predict that the market has bottomed but he hinted at it anyway.

Social Media for Small Business

John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing has put together an e-book about how to use the various Social Media. Its a free download and you can get it by clicking on the link below.

Standing out and marketing a business takes work, but many of the social media tools make that work much easier and, for the small business that gets that, creates a tremendous competitive advantage. In my ongoing effort to help small businesses understand, prioritize and use social media tools, I teamed with Microsoft Office Live Small Business on a new very practical e-book called Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses. It is available for download for FREE

Social Media for Small Business | Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

Grow Your Business with this Free Marketing Seminar

Tired of wasting your marketing dollars on activities that don’t work? Lacking a plan for growth?

This marketing teleclass (held by phone and internet) will help you identify the key areas that will enable you to position your business for growth.

In our one hour seminar you will learn why and how to:

  • Narrow your marketing focus
  • Find and communicate your core difference
  • Package your business
  • Create marketing materials that educate
  • Establish your lead generation trio
  • Automate and dominate
  • Live by the calendar

You also receive your own PDF copy of the printed manual for download.

There is no charge for this class. You can register by clicking here

Post Election Vibes Good For Business?

The election is over and wow, what an interesting evening it was. I get the sense that in a few hours the mood of the country changed. My friend Phil Bernstein said it so very well on his blog this morning:

Last night on CNN, I watched John McCain deliver a gracious and respectful concession speech. I saw Barack Obama deliver an address that hit all the right notes, to 200,000 happy people in Chicago. I saw crowds dancing in the streets of Harlem… Times Square… and outside the White House. I heard fireworks going off outside my house. I talked to a lifelong Republican who told me that the guy who won deserved to win.

And for the first time in a long time, I felt optimism, and sensed it in other people.

Whatever your political views, Phil makes the point that this new optimism will be good for business. For some time now all the news has been bad and consumers have been sitting on their wallets. Will we now start to see an uptick in customer spending?

If you have been holding off on your marketing perhaps now it is time to reconsider? Are you positioned to take advantage of market growth when it comes?

Marketing Information Seminar November 13th

If you are interested in some marketing help but are not sure where to start, I am hosting a one hour marketing teleseminar on Thursday November 13th at 2:00 pm. The seminar is called “The 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success” and it will be for one hour including questions.

There is no charge to attend and you can sign-up here.