Marketing Coaching and Consulting

Need Marketing Help But Don’t Want to Pay for Marketing Consulting?

To use my time as a marketing consultant can be expensive. If you are prepared to role up your sleeves however, using me as  a marketing coach may be a better answer.

Coaching is not the right choice for everyone but you can implement a successful marketing plan yourself if you:

  1. Are willing to set aside a little time each week.
  2. Can follow simple small business marketing strategies and ideas.
  3. Can attend two coaching meetings a month either by phone or in person.

How does Marketing Coaching Work?

Depending on the plan you chose, we meet together either individually or as a group twice a month.

Coaching is ideal for small business owners seeking a proven marketing system. You will build a practical and effective marketing plan and receive the long-term accountability of a coach who is interested in the success of your business.

Individual Marketing Coaching:

The program is tailored to your specific needs. We meet for two 90 minute in-person sessions per month to work together to create your marketing plan and address your marketing issues.

Group Marketing Coaching

Group coaching works in a similar fashion although in a group setting. We limit participants to no more than 10 business owners from non-competing industries. Group coaching is perfect for those who enjoy working together. Business relationships and friendships are often formed in group coaching sessions which makes them particularly powerful.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Send an e-mail to or call 503-451-0802 to arrange a short phone meeting. We will discuss your needs to make sure coaching is the right choice for your business situation.