Portland Marketing Speaker

Michael Thompson, Marketing ConsultantMichael is an accomplished speaker having spoken both in the US and overseas. He enjoys being in front of a crowd and has received excellent feedback scores from his seminars and other engagements.

Michael’s style includes enthusiasm and gentle humor. He is genuinely interested in making sure that the audience receive something of value. While he loves being in front of an audience he recognizes that his purpose is to be of service.

He speaks mainly on small business marketing topics although he is also happy to talk about his experiences living abroad in both Spain (4 years) and in Singapore. Typical sessions include:

  • “How to Build Small Business Marketing Success”
  • “Bulls Eye Target Marketing”
  • “Bulls Eye Messaging”
  • “Internet Made Simple”
  • “Be Unique and Grow “
  • “Referral Magic”

Most recently he has spoken at the:

  • Professional Photographers of Oregon Conference
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • DepoSpan Education Seminars
  • East Vancouver Business Association
  • Software Association of Oregon (panel moderator)
  • Society of Plastic Engineers
  • Lincoln City Visitors Bureau

If you would like to talk to Michael about speaking on small business marketing for your event please call 503-451-0802