The Right Message – Part 3

OK, this is the last post in the series of the Right Marketing Message.

Here is my handy-dandy check list to help you evaluate if your marketing messages are going to work.

You know you are wasting your marketing budget if you can answer YES to many of these questions:

  1. Does your messaging use mainly claims that your prospect would expect from anyone providing that service or product (e.g. quality, reliability, service, etc)?
  2. Can your competitors say the same as you?
  3. If you were to take one of your ads (or website or brochure) and write in a competitor’s name would the ad still be accurate?
  4. Does your communications lack “hot buttons” that reflect the key concerns of your prospects?
  5. Is your messaging difficult to quickly understand?
  6. Do you use different messaging in each marketing tool?

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