A Great Example of Customer Service

In the Wall Street Journal today was a great article about Capt. Denny Flanagan, a United airlines pilot, who goes more than the extra mile for his passengers. This guy,

  • Calls parents of unaccompanied minors to let them know their kids have arrived
  • Takes cellphone pictures of pets in the hold to show their owners that they are on-board
  • Writes thank you notes to the top frequent fliers on his flight
  • Raffles off left over wine bottles on each flight
  • Talks to passengers in the boarding area
  • Orders food for passengers when flights are delayed

Its amazing the lengths that this pilot goes to for his customers. United Airlines say they are very proud of him and encourages these practices. What is interesting to me is if United really like what he does how come he is the only one doing it? Seems like it is not yet a standard company practice.

I know it feels cold to suggest institutionalizing this sort of behavior but clearly companies need to find a consistent way to grow these sort of actions to make sure it becomes common place.

Is this something you would like to see among your employees and if so, what can you do to encourage it? What would it do for your business?

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