Your Sales Prospecting Plan (Podcast)

Sandler Sales Trainer Jeff SchneiderThis is one of my best podcast interviews so far (even if I say so myself). And it’s not because I was so brilliant but because my guest is a world class sales training guru. I don’t even say that much during the interview so what does that tell you?

Anyway to the point, if you have any interest in developing a sales prospecting plan then you are going to love this interview. Jeff Schneider from Sandler Training gives us a boat load of practical tips covering goal setting, networking, strategic partnerships, referrals and lots more.

After you listen to this podcast you want to contact Jeff you can call him on (971) 227-3266 or contact me and I will give you his e-mail.

I’d love to hear your experiences with sales prospecting so leave a comment with what works for you.

(note: after hitting the play button, press it again to pause for a few seconds to let the audio download a bit. That will avoid “stuttering”)

If you would like to put the podcast on your mp3 player you can download the sales prospecting podcast here

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