Marketing Services

To achieve business marketing success, you must develop a marketing foundation and use a systematic approach to your marketing. We use the Duct Tape Marketing System as we believe it is a good choice for many small businesses and we can help you apply it in a few ways:

  1. Marketing audit. The audit is a good choice when you are not exactly sure what the marketing problem is. It is also helpful when you want to try us out before deciding on a broader program.
  2. Marketing coaching. We provide the framework, guidance and accountability to help you create effective marketing strategies. In this option we provide you with the Duct Tape Marketing System and arrange regular review sessions to coach you through the development and implementation of your marketing plan. Coaching can take place individually or in groups.
  3. Marketing consulting. You would pick this option when you want us to have a deeper involvement with your business. Together we will work to create and implement your marketing plan.
  4. Do-it-yourself. We provide you with the tools so you can do it yourself. This is appropriate for very small companies where budget is severely limited. We can provide a monthly maintenance program to answer questions or review your plan.

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