Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans

portland marketing planWe are big believers in the importance of having a written marketing strategy. Business success is more likely when you know where you are going.

Without a well-thought-out marketing plan, money gets wasted and results are unpredictable.

To create marketing plans we analyze your business and market situation. What makes your business tick? What makes it special and why do customers buy from you? More importantly, will they buy from your again and do they recommend you to their friends?

We may suggest market research with your customers, your competitors and other sources to solidify our information. With these data we can get a better feel for questions like:

  • How much growth should this company really expect?
  • Is it competitive in the market?
  • Are past customers likely to buy from it again?
  • Does it have good products and service?
  • Where are the best places to find new customers?
  • What other products and services should the company sell?
  • Are the company’s products priced too low? Or too high?
  • What is the right messaging?

We then work with you to set marketing goals for your business and write a marketing plan to achieve them.

Sometimes it seems that all you need is a new brochure or some other marketing tool. But the real marketing problem may not be that obvious. For example, we worked with a client who wanted to implement a direct mail campaign — the real marketing problem turned out to be a product that was out of date and no longer met the needs of the customer. Generating more leads would have been a waste of money until the basic problem was fixed.

An objective and systematic marketing plan helps identify the real problem and results in a better use of your marketing dollars.

Marketing plans are your friend!